About me
A don't-wanna-be-japanese, name's Hyuponia Halfmirage.
You can call me Hyuponia, Hyu, or Misaki. she/her!
I draw for fun, I mod for fun, I pixel art for fun.
I also try to gamedev, and even do a little bit of music and 3D modelling! Just starting out on those though.
Well, basically! I am only kinda average at whatever I do - but you know every person on the internet is self-deprecating these days.
It's all up to you how you judge my skill!
That's me
I love: My friends, Cheap sweets, Potato fries, Ys, Fairies, Harpies, Ice cream, Fancy shaders with reflections, "Frutiger Aero", early 2000's aesthetics, tech gadgets, and water
Summary of me:
- I draw!
- I mod videogames!
- Likes drawing cute things!
- Also likes drawing horror-y things!
- Forgets things very quickly and often!
- Often hot-headed!
- Likes mysteries but too lazy to think myself to solve them!
- Talks about Wirth's Law all the time!
- Bad at writing stories!
- Utterly scared of the future!
- Absolutely convinced that nothing will ever get better!

"long" version below!
i try not to dislike things, but three things i openly dislike are SEO, Bad UX/UI and Ads. i try to not be so negative about it though! ...most the time

i have nothing to show off or anything but i guess i won a rivals of aether community awards for Best Character Design once for my workshop creation
there was a whole official live stream and everything and i gave a speech there
that was wild

I have a musical alias where I go by "lunaluna".
I've, uh, not done much with it yet, but I'm trying to prepare 3 tracks for it.
You can check out my "lunaluna" socials from the socials list I have at the right!

- I like videogames! Though I haven't played much of them. I've spent a lot of time just, playing the games I'm familiar with. As a trade-off, I'm utterly fanatical about the games that I did play a lot.
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim is one of them, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror too.

- I also tend to like creative-y games. Where I can do custom stuff, like character creators, stage creators, or, well, anything really.
You can probably guess that I've played Minecraft a lot, ever since Beta 1.1. I haven't had much time to play it in the recent times though.

- I've also an interest in video game prototypes, betas, or things of the like. Though the development process is quite interesting too, I do very much enjoy seeing unused contents, sometimes even just an easter egg can scratch the itch. Maybe I just like secrets and mysteries?
People these days tends to think back to youtube videos compiling these, but I must give my shoutouts to the good old The Cutting Room Floor, and the other dataminers and modders of the community.

- I tend to forget things worryingly frequently and I have grown to appreciate the act of archival. I have always liked the concept of archival, from me following video game preservation stuff, but realizing my memory issues have grown me to think more about archiving.

- I am fascinated with old tech and its aesthetics, but ones from early 2000's, like Windows XP, Windows Vista, iMac G3, things like those specifically. Now known as "Frutiger Aero", this aesthetic has disappeared off the public marketing.

- You may be able to tell, but I tend to be nostalgic. Longing for times long past, things we can't experience again, per se. Maybe it comes from my memory stuff. I forget things, I look back at things, and I see good things in the past - I don't know.

- And then I look at the Now, the Present, and I compare against the "old times" and cherry-pick all the good things the past had. Comparing only causes pain for everyone, but I can't help it.

- I acknowledge that the past wasn't all better. Things have improved with time, many things personal to me, and I appreciate the change that has been made since then. Again, I cherry-pick the good parts - the culture, media, art, music, websites...

- Despite all that I acknowledge,

- I am convinced that nothing will ever get better.

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