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A don't-wanna-be-japanese, name's Hyuponia.
I draw for fun, I mod for fun, I pixel art for fun.
I also try to gamedev and even do a little bit of 3D!
Well, basically! I am only subpar at whatever I do.
But you know every person on the internet is self-deprecating these days.
It's all up to you how you judge my skill!
there are 3 shards of me on the internet, divided in 3 chapters.
I love:
my friends, cheap sweets, potato fries, corn dogs, cats, Ys, fairies, fancy shaders, afterimages, reflections, Super Smash Bros Melee's menu visual style, Y2K aesthetics, and cold water
i can feel tanasinn.
i try not to dislike things, but one thing i openly dislike is Bad UX and Ads. i try to not be so negative about it though!