HTML Tag De Asobou
classic website that taught me the
basics of HTML in my early days
now that i look at it, i've never
realized how much of a sellout
they were

TAM Music Factory
classic website with a bunch of
catchy free music materials
still alive somehow, after all
these years
has nice actual quality midis

HTML Kowaza Syu
classic website that taught me
things that i still didn't
understand back then
pretty defunct thanks to the
decaying nature of old japanese

Copipe De Kazarou Home-page
classic website that taught me
how to actually be fancy with
server is still up somehow
and that's honestly pretty sweet

this classic japanese free-game
website even has an english
has some sweet tiny games,
some of which even has a
fanmade wikia wiki, lmao

classic website with few iconic
cute games
there's a cat-icon generator
that you might have seen before
in the internets
still alive, too

classic website of the creator
of the classic Flash animation
Natsumi Step!
website is ultra outdated now
but the author is still alive
and doing his own stuff now

hyuria rit pallfa
website with a confusing name
they make cute musics
including the iconic kirby tribute
primarily has BMS files

desktop ghosts aren't some relics
of the past!!!!!!!!
the primary group of people who
still works on desktop ghost/mascot
still has that sense of nostalgia

The Old Net
we look back at the past

and the past is now!

wait what the heck the past
is actually now???? oh no!!!!
Winning Solitaire

here's a banner of this website
if you wanted to link it for some reason;

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