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Welcome to the "Links" page! Hopefully you know what a Links page is?
It's a common page among websites where people link to other websites!
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Now, here are a bunch of links to the cool websites I would like to shout-out!
They have cool contents that you might just like! Go ahead and check em out!
:: :: :: Friends!
:: Reiga World --- by Reiga
My friend, Reiga's website!
Featuring Art, OC worldbuilding, RoA mods, and a healthy amount of Spamton!
He is consistently awesome at unique character design and storytelling, check it out!
:: Niente --- by Altali
My friend, Altali's website!
A big Pop'n Music fan, Altali does some nice art, many of them cool fanart!
One bright monday morning I overslept - the world ended without harbinger
:: dead luna --- by Jule
My friend, Jule's website!
They are a cool artist drawing incredible surreal artwork, who also makes music!
My mere text is insufficient to describe their powerful art. Experience it for yourself!
:: Lognes' website
My friend, Lognes's website!
Lognes is a music artist using "Beepbox", and does great music and cool art!
He also makes cool as heck pixel animations as well! Check him out!
:: Sunfish Puddle --- by Sun / Sunfished
My friend, Sun's website!
This website contains a fancy list and art for Sun's OCs and Fakemons! (fanmade pokemons)
There seems to be an interesting tale that seeps into the OCs' descriptions!
:: The Radish Records --- by ExtremelyDisinterestedRadish
My friend, Radish's website!
Radish is a wonderful writer, also practicing and training art!
The website is kinda empty, but there is a Dream Journal! It's an. Experience
:: A Cat's Dream at the end of time --- by Nyazure Dreams
My friend, Nyazure's website!
Nyazure is a wonderful artist, doing art and pixel art! The website is a fancy reflection of their style. Check out their website, and their art at social medias!
:: Lukaru's website
My friend, Lukaru's website!
Lukaru is an experienced coder and artist! The website is full with examples of her work.
She is basically Noelle Holiday Deltarune
:: :: :: Others!
:: HTML Tag De Asobou
classic website that taught me the basics of HTML in my early days!
now that i look at it, i've never realized how much of a sellout they were
I still check here every once in a while for basic HTML stuff!
:: TAM Music Factory
Royalty free music
classic website with a bunch of catchy free music materials!
still alive somehow, after all these years
has nice actual quality midis that you may have heard in some japanese free-games perhaps!?
:: HTML Kowaza Syu
classic website that taught me HTML things beyond the basics, probably played a part in my interest for HTML!
kinda defunct thanks to the decaying nature of old japanese websites and deprecation of legacy features in browsers
:: Copipe De Kazarou Home-page
classic website that taught me how to actually be fancy with webpages! or rather just gave me templates i just copypasted (which was encouraged) but that's not a bad thing!
server is still up somehow even after so many years, and that's honestly pretty sweet
:: Koshiandoh
website of the creator of the classic Flash animation Natsumi Step!, among other wonderful Flash animations!
website is ultra outdated now but still online, and the author is still alive too and doing his own stuff now
i adore their artstyle so much! check it out!
:: neutral
Minigames and tools
classic website that taught me how to actually be fancy with webpages! or rather just gave me templates i just copypasted (which was encouraged) but that's not a bad thing!
server is still up somehow even after so many years, and that's honestly pretty sweet
:: Dan-Ball
this classic japanese free-game website even has an english translation!
it has a bunch of sweet mini-games, some of which even has a whole wikia made...
perhaps you might have heard of this website or its games before!?
:: Fukuda Naoto no Homepage
home for the ancient cult-classic Super Masao, made in Java applet (java is not javascript!)
custom levels and edits were encouraged, and it spread a whole community of it. in the old age of personal websites, it helped especially that it ran on the browser!
:: Kutar
i can't talk about classic japanese minigame websites without mentioning Kutar!
Kutar is a silly character who's been on the web for a long long while, starring in many charming, quick minigames!
many of them are get-the-high-score type minigames, but they are very enjoyable to play!
it used to be all browser game but uh they've been making the transition to port all the minigames to a subscription based mobile app, which i guess is understandable because everyone these days are all about phones and not computer
:: Wirth's Law
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In this age of modern tech, I must make a shout out to Wirth's Law.
It is an "adage", or a warning of sorts, made by Niklaus Wirth, stating that the software is getting increasingly slower more than hardware becoming faster can keep up.
You may have heard of Moore's Law. Yes, that thing about how the hardware and tech keeps getting faster like exponentially or whatever - but Wirth's Law basically cancels out this advancement.
It says that because hardware is faster, people then keep adding unoptimized code, useless features, basically "bloat" - and this adage was made in 1995!
Look at the modern tech now. How embarassing.
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