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I'm just listing up characters I have at the moment, only some of them have actual description

last update 2021/07/05
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added details for more characters, more past images for more characters
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Usher Evalate
female, about age 18

Semi-energetic girl who enjoys both indoors and outdoors activity.
Especially enjoys days with rain, bringing out her favorite umbrella.
Has no plans to work as an usherette.

Usher Napishtim
female, about age 18

A 'Napishtim' mirror of Usher from an another world.
Doesn't look as happy as the Evalate Usher, but she's doing fine.
She partakes on many outdoor activities and jogging, but compared to E.Usher, her body seems vaguely smaller and less mature.

Tez Evalate
male, about age 37?

Father of Usher, this character's existance is being questioned and has no solid descriptions yet.
He is THIS close to being scrapped.

Lulia Noddy Evalate
female, about age 37

Mother of Usher, a carefree lady who seems constantly sleepy, despite keeping up an ideal sleep schedule.
She used to be shy and hesitant about everything, but from the responsibility of being a mother, she has slowly grown out of it.

Sara Evalate
female, about age 26

-temporary description-
Sara is a younger sister to Usher's father, Tez, which makes Sara Usher's aunt?
She seem to have failed to inherit the same thing Tez did, and retrieved an odd passive power of having an unusually low skin temperture.
Yui has developed her a special jacket that attempts to revert skin temperture back to average amounts, but it has not worked yet.
She still likes to wear the said jacket, from how it looks.

Rahsa Evalate
female?, age unknown

An Echo who has taken form of Sara.
Actually a male as an Echo, but he doesn't mind his new identity.
She didn't copy Sara's passive ability of her cold skin, but as she is an Echo, she barely has any skin temperture anyway.

female, about age 12?

-temporary description-
description not written yet

Autumn Felghana
female, about age 44

-temporary description-
Mayor of the Exeli isles.

Zweie Parith
female, about age 48

The oldest and most matured character of the bunch (possibly), Zweie is a highly experienced wizard, serving as a body-guard of sorts for Autumn.
Controls both Fire and Electric magic, both tinted a green-ish color. Her Fire magic assigned to her left arm, and Lightning magic to her right arm.
She is quite often serious doing anything she does, but even if not serious, she is always focused to the task at hand.
Because of this, she is nigh impossible to be distracted by anything, unless it is something urgent.

(xyzzica to the left)

female, about age 38

-temporary description-
adult women in lab coat. designed with modern in mind. does stuff in her personal workshop, in where her younger brother helps her.

(qwertia to the right)

female, about age 29

-temporary description-
adult women in dress. typical "likes cute and fluffy stuff" girl. but is lonely because i don't draw her often, which is because her dress is freaken hard to draw.

(he is to the middle)

Xyzzica's brother
male, about age 15

-temporary description-
description not written yet

Lumina Methuselah Flowlight
female, about age 7

A young child who lives alone in the deep forests of Nolwar, near a town.
She is attuned to Light magic, and that power alone is enough to get her through on daily chores - focused light for fire and heat, for example.
Usually calm, and sometimes blunt with her opinions, but she knows enough to try to care for others.
Her unusual early-age wisdom and her light magic is taught from her now-best-friend Kaili, who found Lumina lost in the forest, with all memories lost of her life before it.

Kaili Quandary
female, about age 9

Kaili is a Priestess of Knowledge, and the keeper of the Nolwar Grand Library.
Her role is to preserve and serve knowledge with all the other Knowledge Priests in the world.

Lymme Ice
female, about age 21

-temporary description-
description not written yet

"Little Dot"
robot, but is referred to as her

A combat-capable robot/android built by Yui.
It was never meant for practical use, and is more of a hobby build to practice Yui's abilities.
Nicknamed "Little Dot", she is capable of deciding things by herself, but is quite prone to outside interferences.

female, about age 16

-temporary description-
cyborg-robot-ish girl, with her only biological parts being her head and her arms. ridiculous science experiment of some lab or something. might be relevant in Little Dot's storyline if thats ever a thing.

male, about age 30

-temporary description-
makes these unique weird clothes for anyone in exeli.
is having a hard time in life, confused, because there's so many girls in exeli.

this is a temporary image, i should draw something proper at one point

female, about age 39

-temporary description-
Older sister of Nodylia.

female?, age unknown

A fairy background character that keeps appearing.
As the fairykind are barely present in the main islands, her presence oddly stands out...

female, age unknown/undecided

-temporary description-
a fairy with a gameboy-green color. not quite relevant in oNote itself, however might come to be more of a significant role in planned videogames.

female, age unknown/undecided

-temporary description-
a fairy that awaits her owner forever. attuned to wind magic.

Content Warning Blood, it's really light and there are only few draws but better safe than sorry, right?
[ok man]

Sufrir, The Blue Ribbon
male, age unknown

-temporary description-
his blue ribbons grows endless. when wrapped by its ribbon, you will lose your special ability. People with inconvenient ability gathers around him. they will have their ability sealed, and in turn they often aid sufrir in fight.

The Wall of Pearl
male, age unknown

-temporary description-
his abilities he was born with was a highly hindering one, and thanks to the powers of the blue ribbon, he was, in his own words, "allowed to live true". he has promised allegiance to Sufrir ever since, and has been serving a bodyguard-like role for him.

Souju Yono
female, about age 20

-temporary description-
description not written yet

female, about age 25

-temporary description-
description not written yet

the worldbuilding and story is like the most uncreated element of ИoNote
but here's what i DO have;

The world the whole thing takes place in doesn't exactly have a name as of yet.
There was something set before, but it's pretty much scrapped.
In this world stands the islands of Lefkos, governed by Autumn Felghana.
It's basically a country, divided into 3 parts.
One part is Exeli, and is mostly a residential part of the country.
Family of Evalate, who's pretty much the focus of this story, resides here.


Echoes (Echo) are mysterious mirror world creatures.
They have a separate form inside mirror world, and they can visit the real (for us) world by copying the form of any real world's creature that happened to be in front of a mirror.
Not only can they enter any highly reflective surfaces, despite being a "mirror creature", they are able to enter the shadow that is casted by the creature the Echo took form of, and hide inside.
They are also able to communicate with the shadow's (and the form's) owner while inside the shadow.
When copying the form of real world creatures, they are forced by their mirror world law to change the color of some of the features.
They only rarely talk about their own world, for reasons unknown.