:: Hyuponia's Portfolio

Greetings - I am Hyuponia Halfmirage from Japan.
(For legal reasons, Hyuponia Halfmirage is not my real name.)

Contact me at zzx_ru@yahoo.co.jp

Digital Art | Concept Art | Pixel Art | Pixel Animations | HTML | CSS

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:: Art
I do many things art, from things like character art to landscape art.
My art tends to be stylized than realistic.
I have many years of experience with Pixel Art and Pixel Animations, from my experience creating Mods for video games, and trying to also create video games myself.
I also draw concept art to assist others with ideas.
You can see various examples of my work below in the page.
I can use Photoshop, Krita, Aseprite (Pixel art software), Blender (3D modelling software).
:: Programming
I have intermediate understanding of coding principles.
I am able to use Javascript, HTML, CSS, and GML (Unique programming language used for video game engine Game Maker.)
More importantly, I can apply my knowledge of programming concept to my art skills.
By studying what I am creating for, I can adjust my art workflow to suit what is needed for implementation.
This skill was trained with my experiences of creating Mods for video games, where I was both the artist and the programmer.

:: Language
I am a bilingual speaking Japanese and English, fluent in both.
I am native to Japanese language, however I would say I have more experience with English.
That being said, I do have cultural familiarity with the language, so I am confident I'm able to provide Japanese language help.
:: Awards
I have once won an award for my custom content at an community awards event, officially hosted by the team of the video game Rivals of Aether, Aether Studios.
The award being "Best Overall Design", awarded for my custom character Mod made for the game.
It was an honorable experience, being featured in their official broadcast and giving a speech.

Below are various examples of my work.

General Art | Environment / Scene Art | Pixel Animations | Concept Art

:: General Art ::

:: Environment / Scene Art ::

:: Pixel Animations ::

- Big Attack -
- Basic Attack -
- Basic Movement -
- VFX -
- etc -

:: Concept Art ::

I thank you deeply for taking the time to read my portfolio!