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list of things i made for Rivals of Aether Workshop so far.
last updated 2020/11/09 (i don't write last updated often enough, added all the new stuff)
2020/08/09 (put new stages)
2020/07/02 (put Feri)
2020/06/27 (put pokefloats)
2020/05/30 (created page)
Acid Rainbows - 2019/10/20
My debut creation to the RoA Workshop Community.
Acid Rainbows is a pretty fast-paced character, with focus of... not much, I guess. No real plan in making of this character.
Her attacks are, in turn, pretty simple and easy to use.
Rack up some damage with Acid-Raincloud, and catch them off-guard with a lightning!
N/A - 2020/09/16
Nigh 1 year of development. N/A is an axolotl of abyssal origins.
Discovered in the depths of The Endless Abyss, it is believed to be a mere one fragment of the hive mind's will.
It possesses a massive body with a blade fin, which boasts broad and long range, however still vulnerable, as it is not a disjoint (most of the time).
My actual OC, made into a playable Rivals character.
A character I was making for a character creation race event "Vs. Sai", and magnificently lost the same day. The quality, however, is yet to be judged...
Her moveset is also pretty straight-forward, but maybe a bit more unique than Acid Rainbows' in function.
The (in)famous certain character that's in every single wii game ever made.
With his recklessness and his trusty wiimote, he is sure to wreck the competition just as he wrecks your TV!
"it would be funny if i made Reckless Safety Notice Man before N/A actually releases" - Hyuponia, 2020/08/31
Feri - 2020/2/25
Feri, a character of Azazel Fire.
Basically my 2nd character, I've drew every single animation for her, save for 1 or 2 frames.
Recently fixed a lot of her stuff! Check out this cute lil plant girl by Fire.
As great as our king is, he is pretty lousy at names.
They say they made an entire universe just to contain Metal Mario and Meta Crystal.
Wintery Loft - 2020/4/18
1 out of 4. A winter-themed stage, featuring characters by various members of the workshop community.
I have made an oath to create it, and here we are. After a month of work, I held true to my words.
Area Lumina - 2020/7/15
Lumina's home stage. Original stage that has basic and aether forms. Hope you have fun!
Starry Hilltop - 2020/10/20
Starry Hilltop. for 1 year anniversary of Acid Rainbows, my debut creation for the RoA workshop. you were always there for me.
Boss arena of the character Miru, from Rabi-Ribi.
Made this stage within 24 hours after the stage has been announced in the SSF2 update video.
i was feeling tired. you could call this a vent art
*ominous brawl theme noises*
I gathered around for stages to make. He says this was a collab effort but he didn't do anything
N/A's home stage, Nihil Descent from Pause Ahead.
Aether mode introduces a "Pause" mechanic. May break online.
From Game & Watch Gallery 4, Mario's Cement Factory minigame!
Cookies or Cement? Who knows?
Pensive Slime - 2020/1/15
idk what to say except it's a pensive slime. 😔