- Blue -

Twilight is upon me; darkness overtakes my sight.
In the fading glow, I unburden my memories upon
stone, lest they rot away with my flesh:
How the Rehda once lived with Alma in the land of
Canaan, tranquil under her protection, until the
arrival of the black calamity. Long has our past laid
shrouded in this darkness. I leave these writings as
the last Rehda to have seen Alma. May the faithful
Emelas tablets reveal my vision to readers ages hence.
O, one who challenges the deep darkness. I can only
hope that thine light shines true.

- Red -

I first describe the Emelas, upon which sit these words.
A crystalline fiber spun from stone called Emel. It was
imparted to us on this land by Alma of Eldeen, home of
the gods. It is said to be the life's blood and mother's
milk of that ancient country. In a cauldron of cold water,
various colors of Emelas were interwoven, creating
a Black Emelas of power and a White Emelas of life.
The black possessed the power of all colors, whilst
the white had the ability to speak to that black power.
In time, the blackness rose over the great sea as soldiers,
and the white glow became wings upon the backs of the gods.

- Gold -

I must also write of the Tailless, who existed in our land
as children of Alma, just as we Rehda did. Clever and
strong, they could accomplish whatever their hearts desired.
They learned Alma's work, and were soon able to spin Emelas.
Upon mastering this art, they dreamt of spinning even
the black and white, but Alma would never teach them -- for
without wings, they could not hope to control the black
power. Even so, they never abandoned hope, and continued
their solitary pursuit in their caves. But never did they
see the raven-black light. All that was born from their
cauldron was neither white nor black, but gray Emelas.

- Black -

I now write of the Ark of Black Emelas, and the cataclysm
that befell Canaan. The raven-black Ark, said to have
been built by Alma, quieted winds and waves, bringing peace
to Eldeen. But when the Tailless tread within to find the
secret to Black Emelas, its power rained down as calamity.
They foolishly tried to control it, but without the white
glow, the black power cannot be governed. The Ark went mad;
the sea overflowed. Once Alma has calmed the Ark, only high
ground remained -- Canaan was now an island chain. Alma
saw that her followers, the Rehda, were safe, so she spread
her wings, left her white form, and returned to the heavens.

- White -

All appeared to be lost -- however, this tale does not end
with Canaan. The calamity's tidal wave visited even the
distant shores of the gods. It is said many of them wished
to return to the heavens, but that some left for new lands,
taking Rehda and Tailless with them. We, the Canaan Rehda,
chose to live on the islands to guard Alma's soul. I, too,
will soon depart for the sacred lands, wrapped in white
wings. My memories are distant, and only twilight is close.
But I have no fears, for morning only comes after darkness.
Reader, until the day tranquility returns to the seas of
Canaan. I pray that kind Alma's blessings go with thee.

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