- hyuponia's special css_draw script that i've been experimenting with
- victory theme
- [WIP] victory background
- i was too late to put a pre-emptive dracula support
- trum alto codec thing test
- 1 (one) mii verse draw
- experimental custom hit effect.
- kirby copy ability support.

- glitch with hitbox not hitting when dspecial changing thing happens has been fixed.
- fixed the issue where bair smear effect was included in the hurtbox.
- fixed the issue where hitting the dair bullets still gives you whifflag.

- tweaked lightsentry sprite.
- early access alt has a colored outline now. while it's not how the base cast does it, it's fancier this way
- various hit sounds have been tweaked
- various hit effects have been tweaked
- dspecial's "turns into aerial version off the ledge" behavior has been moved to "hold special + down"
- which, in turn, means that if you don't hold these buttons, you will now go off ledge normally as you'd expect from ganondorf
- increased the number of possible angles for uspecial teleport. sorry keyboard players! (8 -> 32)
- removed one of the abyss runes because it was literally just "unlock all angles"

-- -- idk
- hitpause for dspecial, fstrong, ustrong and dstrong increased.
- charged nspecial speed increased (4.8 -> 5.5)

-- -- beneficial
- charged nspecial lifetime increased (41 -> 61)
- trail removed from bair hurtbox, idk why that slipped past
- fstrong angle lowered (49 -> 45)
- fstrong knockback higher (7.5 + 0.97 -> 8 + 1)

-- -- counterplay
- grounded dspecial endlag increased (14 -> 18)

sorry for bein all-so-late. i had to finish poke floats and update all the other things
thank you to sir sparx for providing me with balance suggestions!
thanks for still reading the changelog. i very much appreciate you
open for inputs!

notes for sir sparx;

- - re: fstrong reason text
i catch that, yeah. sir trail mix was the one holding me from making it a bit more stronger, and before now i trusted them since they were the one who did lumina values in the first place. but at the moment i think i should try changing it first to see if it causes any issue or not. if it doesn't, great!
thank you for writing so much for lumina and me

- - re: dstrong reason text
your hitpause suggestions feel really good so i'd been referencing it to fix feri a bit. i can trust you on hitpause

- - re: ustrong reason text
some things i've heard of base cast hitpause have been confusing though, but for now i think yours work well
i made a new hit effect for some of these. hopefully they sell the hit

- - re: uncharged nspecial reason text
yeah fair - might look off right now but i can always adjust later

- - re: charged nspecial reason text
hm. first thing here that i'm a little bit conflicted bout. as a copy of beam kirby bullet, i really didn't think it'd be right to have it travel fast, but moreover it being fast didn't quite look right. might be a graphics issue? but this was purely a selfish gamefeel decision i guess
had to take a middle ground on speed for this one that i felt a little more comfortable with. i apologize for this
if you're not satisfied with this, we can always argue later and update accordingly

- - re: uspecial reason text
yeah sorry keyboard players

- - re: fspecial reason text
gotchu. outline tool in aseprite is useful

- - re: grounded dspecial ledge bug reason text
former part was an experiment by trail mix, and is an INTENDED behavior. i have now moved it to a "hold" behavior though, seeing as people seem conflicted by this. had to make a new graphic though which is A
latter part is definitely not intended, but supersonic has provided me with a fix for this! so that'll be going away as well.

- - re: aerial dspecial reason text
you are indeed repeating yourself, but it's fair
again your hitpause input is very appreciated!
added hit effect and stuff as well while i'm at it

- - re: jab reason text
jab is kinda static to be authentic to mirror kirby, also i was in a character race
i also can't think of much ways to add any animation to other body parts, so i had to skip this one for now. sorry

- - re: copy ability reason text
been lazy ;-; also copy ability has been kinda daunting from my experience with acid copy

- - re: note text
in my eyes i don't think much anims need redoing, but maybe just me, also lazy ;-;

once again, thank you too for balance/tweak suggestions!